New Partner

Orbitform in Jackson was impressed with the team at the Hillsdale fair and parade and have agreed to partner with us.  I know Orbitform is a world leader in fastening and joining but not much else. The team is set to visit them this Wednesday (Oct 14) for a demo and a tour. We’ll know a lot more after that. Glad to have you with us.orbitform

Shoutout to Mr. Rooter

With great enthusiasm, Jonesville Robotics welcomes the continued support of the team’s very first hard earned sponsor. The greatest plumbing bunch in the state, Mr Rooter has committed to continuing their support again for 2015/2016 season.  Please welcome them back by utilizing their cost effective and efficient resources to solve your plumbing and septic needs. I assume they’ll be at the fair again. Stop in the merchant building and ask them about their robot. Maybe we’ll have a battle with it.mrrooterlogo

The Cobrots Welcome More Sponsors

First, thanks to Georgia McDowell’s help at the presentation to the Rotary Club at Olivia’s Chop House a couple weeks ago, we now have the support of our local Rotary club.

Second, Jonesville Lumber has agreed to help us with material for the Robot Parade Demonstrator. What is a Robot Parade Demonstrator? Well the kids can make our robot do some extremely amazing things but driving on the paved streets of Hillsdale is not the best way to show case them. What the team plans to do is operate the robot from the back of a pick-up truck while the robot is doing it’s ‘thing’ on a trailer being pulled by the truck. Will it work? Will it fall off the side? We’ll have to wait and see but a big things to Jonesville Lumber for the support.

Latest but certainly not least, is the awesome folks from Pivot Works, Hot Rods, Hot Cams, Cylinder Works, and Vertex Pistons. While the Cobrots do not have pistons, cams or cylinders on their robot yet, we know that these guys are the best source for getting bearing kits, pistons, cams and other replacement parts for your motorcycles or other recreational powersport.



The Cobrots Hard at Work.

On February 7 the Cobrots had a meeting at Cobra motorcycle and did a lot of productive work. We got the robot winch to lift  75 lbs! Also, Alivia Rebeck made T-Shirt designs that are available for purchase for 35$. For more information on buying one E-Mail Phil at or use our nifty contact form! There is one week left until ‘Bag Day’ when we finish the robot completely for the competition. The dates of all of the competitions and events are on the Calendar in the Schedule section.

Finally here are some pictures from the last meeting at cobra!


Justin, Dominik, and Randall assembling the robot.

Assembling the robot

Sean Mapes doing some welding.

Sean Mapes welding

Kelsey and Blake doing some more assembling.

Doing some steel work

The team with the robot.

Team at cobra