2017 Hillsdale County Fair

Jonesville Robotics again has a booth at the Hillsdale County Fair (the Most Popular Fair on Earth). The kids are interacting with hundreds of people in the matter of a couple hours. Already after day one, we have a potential new sponsor, a potential electrical engineer mentor, and one more team member signed up. With the number of kids and their knowledge that graduated last  year, we’re looking for a few good people.

Our presence in the parade may have appeared a bit minimalistic this year. 1/3 of our current team is in the band. We thought the parade started an hour later than it actually did. We had to drive from Cobra to the fairgrounds at 10:00 (actual parade start time) to get the drive controller from the team booth, hustle back to Cobra and finish packing with one team member. Arrived in parade que as the tail end was moving only to learn that we didn’t have the proper laptop to drive the robot! LOL Luckily a couple kids showed up with candy donated by Sand Lake Party Store and they tossed candy. Next year!

No other Hillsdale County teams made it to the demo at the Horseshoe pavilion but that allowed the Jonesville team to more closely interact with the crowd. After some early technical glitches (did I mention that we are mostly a new team), the kids demonstrated what they could do and then started letting onlooking kids drive while their parents asked questions. Parents and kids were equally impressed. “Wish they’d have had that when I was a kid” was overheard more than once. In the end the kids and coach competed against each other in a timed skills test (Steven Koppel our normal driver) was the winner by a large margin.

Thanks again for what you do and please stop in the New Merchant building and have the team produce a button with your company’s logo.IMG_20170925_103438387 IMG_20170925_155943281 steady crowd IMG_20170925_160430671

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