The Cobrots Hard at Work.

On February 7 the Cobrots had a meeting at Cobra motorcycle and did a lot of productive work. We got the robot winch to lift  75 lbs! Also, Alivia Rebeck made T-Shirt designs that are available for purchase for 35$. For more information on buying one E-Mail Phil at or use our nifty contact form! There is one week left until ‘Bag Day’ when we finish the robot completely for the competition. The dates of all of the competitions and events are on the Calendar in the Schedule section.

Finally here are some pictures from the last meeting at cobra!


Justin, Dominik, and Randall assembling the robot.

Assembling the robot

Sean Mapes doing some welding.

Sean Mapes welding

Kelsey and Blake doing some more assembling.

Doing some steel work

The team with the robot.

Team at cobra

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